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lecture: Riding the wave


SDR - demystifying magic. What SDR is and how it can be used to compromise devices from the magical world of IoT.

Today our environment is full of radio waves – mobile, AM and FM radio, Bluetooth, WiFi, Zigbee… They are everywhere transmitting sometimes the most vital information, but the same problem persist as in the time of WWI – how to protect information to fall into the wrong hands.
Usage of different encryption, modulation and frequencies are tools used to try to protect radio communications which are otherwise out there in the open for anybody to collect and analyze them.
Today we have the latest tool for analyzing the waves – Software Defined Radio. In order to collect this abundant source of information we no longer need a engineering degree in electronics, we do not need months of hard work to design radio receivers for a single purpose which are easily thwarted by changing something as simple as modulation.
What actually is SDR and why is it so ubiquitous? How to start using it and for what purpose? And how to actually tackle a real world problem of IoT devices which are using wireless radios to control their operations and to exchange information with the controller?
We have some answers!
We’ll describe how SDR hardware works, we’ll cover a bit of theory and demonstrate basic RF analysis and capture using GRC. After that, we will demonstrate how to analyze RF emissions of real life IoT devices: e.g. shutters and electric gates and show how to reverse engineer simple and vulnerable protocols and hack them completely!


Day: 2018-09-16
Start time: 13:00
Duration: 01:00
Room: Tesla



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