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workshop: Cryptoparty


Cryptoparty is a global decentralized initiative bringing together
privacy enthusiasts with other people with the one goal of promoting and
using open source software for personal digital privacy protection.

Cryptoparty Srbija will suggest and explain the use of open source programs for everyday secure and private communication and personal information protection. We will assist all participants in installing and using encryption for: email, instant messaging, web surfing, and many more.

We hope we will have time to cover other important aspects of digital
privacy such as:
Voice/Video communication,
Disk/File encryption,
Backup/Sync secure storage,
online secure collaboration on projects,
encrypting conversations on social networks,
DNS privacy,
secure Operating systems,
managing passwords and using password managers,
secure file deletion,
metadata anonymisation,
and many more.

We are open for discussions that are related to open-source privacy,
security, anonymity, encryption, but also blockchains and
cryptocurrencies, and decentralization.
Besides showing programs for secure communication, we will have a
workshop to educate future cryptoparty activists, on how encryption
works in more technical depth.

Work on some hardware projects related to opensource digital privacy are also on the way, as well as some games for more interesting and fun ways of bringing privacy and encryption to children. So it will be fun for younger attendees too.


Day: 2018-09-15
Start time: 16:15
Duration: 03:00
Room: Hackerspace area



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