Version V.1.0.0

workshop: Bringing Mixed Reality to the Web


Introduction to virtual and augmented reality in the web browser using WebXR

The main topic of this workshop is to make a short introduction to the
current possibilities of popular browsers and how virtual (VR) or
augmented reality (AR) enabled solutions can be created to work on the
web. The current state of the WebXR API, that exposes concepts common in
VR and AR platforms, will be presented and its usage will be
demonstrated with examples. A GitHub start-up project is provided so the
audience will be able to follow the lecturer as a WebXR-enabled solution
is developed. An augmented reality scene that contains a set of simple
primitives will be created and the interaction with the scene and
primitives is explained.

Basic knowledge of HTML and the JavaScript stack and a laptop that can
run the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox is required
to follow through the workshop.