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lecture: Sustainability challange and the role of hackers


A lecture exploring the global sustainability transition from the
technical, social, economic and environmental perspectives, and
exploring the role of hackers in the greatest challenge humanity has
ever faced.

In this talk we will explore the current global sustainability
situation, the possible ways forward and the role hackers have in this
development. From the environmental, social, economic and technical
perspectives we will identify the aspects where we as a global
civilization are doing great, and where we are failing hard. While there
is no single solution for the circular economy, energy transition,
global equity, democracy and peace, we will identify robust design
patterns that the hacker communities can engage in, and improve. Where
possible, the talk will be backed with most current scientific theories
and data. Expect a broad and philosophical exploration rather than a
deep technical dive. After the talk, a discussion workshop will be
organised to explore the points you find particularly interesting in
more detail.


Day: 2018-09-16
Start time: 14:15
Duration: 01:00
Room: Tesla



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