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Speaker: Bogdan Doroslovac


Geek of all trades, multitasker extraordinaire and embedded aficionado

During my studies of Mechanical Engineering, I committed myself towards Weapon Systems - Rocket systems and Guidance, Navigation & Control in particular. Primarily my work was regarding 6DOF modeling and flight mechanics, Software-In-the-Loop and Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL & SIL), and later IMU calibration.

There was a slow natural descent from algorithms and simulation and into embedded world. In my free time, I tend to keep myself busy that is why I train Krav Maga, juggle and tinker with soldering iron and electronics. Typically, I try to master a simple motoric skill or trick each month.

I am a geek and gamer down to the bone and I enjoy RPG games anywhere from GURPS and D&D to Skyrim and Fallout.