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BalCCon has been organized by the community and appreciates all kinds of participation. You were encouraged to contribute to this event by volunteering.
The Congress would not be possible without many people donating their time bringing the Congress to life and dealing with all the side effects of bringing thousands of hackers together in a congress centre.
The congress heavily relies on your help! Please consider volunteering at BalCCon 2k18. You can sign up by submitting a email at jelena at balccon.org
Email subject should be
Volunteer BalCCon 2k18
    • Email Body:
      • Personal Information:
      • Volunteer Name (nickname):
      • Country:
      • Email ID:
      • Contact Number:
      • Planned date of arrival :
      • Planned date of departure:
      • Volunteer Profile: (max 1000 words)

    if you would like to help us on site.

    Application deadline - 1st September 2018!!!

    A big thank you for applying for volunteering at BalCCon 2k18.